Greg Markley Furniture

Coffee Table, Solid Burr Poplar and Cocobolo Veneer

The inspiration for this piece was the material itself.  The client visited a local specialist timber supplier called Exotic Hardwoods UK - they have some incredible timber in their warehouse. After making their selection of wood, we were then commissioned to turn this timber into beautiful furniture.

We first had to very carefully remove the bark from all the edges by hand with a chisel and later a wire brush. We then sandblasted the edges until we got the texture that we were looking for.  The resulting finish looks almost like coral.  The table top board was then flattened, planed and finally sand finished until it was perfectly flat and smooth.

The base is made with cocobolo veneer which has been carefully selected and matched to achieve the look that the client wanted. 

It was also agreed that we needed to put a glass top on the burr poplar.  This was for two reasons.  One to make it easy to clean and two, to protect the edges.

The dark cocobolo and light coloured burr poplar really complement each other.  The client was very happy with the finished coffee table.